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Linkage Web Solution Enterprise Inc. is a Baguio-based web development and marketing agency. It was founded by the Murphy brothers, Pat and Brian, in early 2013. Pat finished Computer Engineering at the University of Costa Rica and eventually became a professional marketer while working as the main sales and marketing director for a web design agency. (This dude knows what he’s talking about.) Brian, on the other hand, grew to become a mogul in sales. (This guy is killing it!)

100K +


600K +


100M +


A story that’s worth telling

Learn how we grew from a one-man team to over 50
In a small mountain town called Baguio City

Pat moved to the Philippines in June of 2008, Brian arrived in 2009. Since then, they have developed 6 brands in the 6 years they’ve been in business, the Murphy brothers employ more than 50 amazing individuals and help hundreds of businesses every month! A few phone calls… and a few cool prototype designs later we had our first client!. Pat was so pumped. He called a developer friend he knew around town and said —– “hey, got a project for you” … and he said, yes! Pat was in business!

Pat quickly built a small web factory right out of his modest apartment. Brian joined him a few months later and the client base quickly grew. The brothers outsourced 100% of the work to developers they knew around town (as you can imagine a lot of Starbucks trolling). After a few weeks of consistent workflow, the Murphy brothers decided it was best to bring everyone under one roof… Yup, you guest it! The devs moved in a house Pat was renting. Yes, Pat’s house — (Pat’s a little cheap 😉 – but don’t tell him)

It started with one and then two until there wasn’t enough space for everyone 😅… then we moved to an actual office and got legit 😎 In a span of 2 years, Pat and Brian hired over 30+ plus employees with over 300+ clients serviced month to month. In 2018, it our team has grown to over 50 employees, 2 locations in the Philippines ( one in Baguio City and the other in Angeles City), and 600+ clients serviced monthly.

Our direction is positive, and we live for setting the bar high when it comes to standards!

Yeah, We keep ourselves busy...

The brands we’ve established over the past 6 years!

We’ve been developing websites for customers since 2012!

Over 6 years of awesome, quick & affordable work. We currently have two branches in the Philippines,
over 50 employees & we’ve serviced thousands of customers since our inception.


Linkage Web Solutions Enterprise Inc, was founded by the Murphy Brothers in 2012 (Pat Murphy & Brian Murphy).

Pat started a small outsourcing business right out of his home office in 2011. He just left his job as VP in Sales for a big tech company and with a baby on the way and bills to pay, he knew he had to keep up with the constant pressure of life. Working out of his office with a shitty laptop, Skype and Trello! He outsourced 100% of his work to developers he had made friends with around town, essentially living by the day off of the sales he produced.

Brian Murphy was working as a sales manager for a large web development company in the Philippines. Several phone calls later, Brian joined Pat and together started Linkage Web Solutions Enterprise Inc. ( a Philippine Corporation) The company immediately hired 1 project manager, 1 sales rep and 2 in-house developers that worked right out of Pat’s house, Monday through Saturdays.


The Murphy Brothers then created a United States LLC called Custom A Design which was created to market their services to US customers through a website & marketing subscription called “Hybrid Solutions”. This subscription model enabled us to grow our staff, move in to a nice office and also cater to local businesses in the Philippine market.

  • 2015

    Now with 30+ employees, 350+ clients and an office in the heart of Baguio City in Northern Luzon. Linkage Web Solutions Enterprise Inc, had become one of the leading web companies in the Philippines, specializing in custom web development. Another expansion was in place … our 2nd branch is opened in Angeles City, Pampanga that same year!

    “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

    -Henry Ford, Ford Motor Co.

  • 2016

    Sales hit an all time low! It was heart-breaking… After growing so quickly our sales process could not keep up with fast paced SaaS based businesses that were popping up everywhere! Aside from that, the super quick expansion from the previous year took a huge toll on the company financially.

    Because of this, we learned our most important lessen in life … never try to scale a model that is not scalable.

  • 2017

    2017 was also the year we rebooted as a better organization! We survived the hardships of 2016 and were ready to turn our situation around.

    Want to know how we did it?

    We started providing white-label services to web development companies and individuals that had e-commerce related businesses. This small change in our system helped increase our sales over 300% that same year!

    This goes to show you, that identifying the RIGHT AUDIENCE for your product or services is decisive to finding success in your business.

  • 2018

    Fast-forward to 2018, from January through July we’ve acquired over 600+ new customers under our various brands with over 85% of the business coming from our white-label web services, on top of this we have a 95% retention rate. We’re good at selling our services because our best sales people are the customers that we’ve serviced!

  • 2019

    Building on the momentum of their successful pivot and operational overhaul, Linkage further expands its white-label services, solidifying partnerships with key industry players. Leveraging AI and machine learning, they introduce innovative web development solutions, enhancing both efficiency and client satisfaction. This year marks a record in client acquisition, thanks to their strategic focus on scalable growth and customer-centric offerings.

  • 2020

    Despite global challenges, Linkage adapts swiftly, transitioning to remote operations without missing a beat. They launch an online marketing platform that integrates AI to offer personalized advertising strategies, significantly increasing ROI for clients. Their resilience and innovative approach attract attention, earning them several industry accolades and solidifying their reputation as a leader in web solutions and online marketing.

  • 2021

    With the digital transformation accelerated, Linkage seizes the opportunity to expand its services into emerging markets, focusing on sustainability and inclusive technology. They introduce AI-driven analytics tools that empower businesses to make data-backed decisions, further diversifying their service portfolio and reinforcing their commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

  • 2022

    Celebrating a milestone year, Linkage unveils a state-of-the-art AI research and development center, aiming to pioneer the next wave of web technologies and marketing strategies. This initiative not only showcases their dedication to innovation but also attracts top talent and partnerships, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

  • 2023

    Linkage’s investments in AI and technology innovation bear fruit, as they launch groundbreaking platforms that revolutionize the way businesses interact with consumers online. Their commitment to ethical AI and responsible marketing sets new industry standards, driving forward a vision of technology that enhances human experience.

  • 2024

    Looking to the future, Linkage continues to lead with a focus on sustainable growth, community engagement, and technological excellence. They embark on global initiatives to democratize access to digital marketing tools, empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital era. Their story is one of perseverance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, inspiring a new generation of tech entrepreneurs.

Here At Linkage, We Know What We’re Doing, We Know What You Need And We’re Here To Help.

Meet the #Linkage Family

Linkage Web Solutions won’t be Linkage without these guys

    • Brian Murphy CEO/Sales
    • Patrick Murphy Marketing Director
    • Maria Murphy Company Onboarding & Administration
  • Management

    • Ela Buenavista Accounting
    • Darrell Scott IT & Support Director
    • Cristina Chua HR/Sales
    • Ryan Mauri General Manager
  • Management

    • Michael Nicol IT Head
    • Richienald Wong Digital Marketing Head
    • Shey Tiglao Assistant Director of Operations | Operations Manager - Angeles City Branch
    • Jane Anne Gonzaga Development Manager | Operations Manager - Baguio City
  • Support/ Project Management

    • Joanna Manangan PM/ Support Staff
    • Camille Anunciacion Web Project Manager
    • Joy Alipio
      Joy Alipio Digital Marketing Project Manager
    • Randy Tiglao Data Mining Specialist
    • Angela Dueñas
      Angela Dueñas Project Coordinator
    • Roiz Magat
      Roiz Magat Project Coordinator
    • Rocelyn Bantosila Office Assistant - Angeles City Branch
    • Stephanie Lumba Office Assistant - Angeles City Branch
  • Marketing Team

    • Daniel Murphy Content Marketing Specialist
    • Cyrel
      Cyrel Joy Lorredo SEO Link Building Specialist
  • Creative Team

    • Angelo Rosal Head Designer
    • Melanie Abueme Multimedia Specialist and Web Designer
    • Razmin Razhed Sicat Multimedia Specialist and Web Designer
  • Development Team

    • Cath Toribio Senior Web Developer
    • John Abenojar Web Developer
    • Jorsen Mejia Web Developer
    • Ian Magramo Web Developer
    • Gabriel Maturan Web Developer
    • Justin Ocampo Web Developer
    • Reymark Abanag Web Developer
    • Lemuel Montecalvo Web Developer

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  • Mark Vincent Daing

    Linkage Web Development built the company website several months ago. It was a pleasant experience and much easier than I thought! Their support staff is world class and the few concerns that I had we're answered promptly and professionally. Two thumbs up all the way!

  • Olivia Balajadia

    Earlier this year I started getting more well known in my area and I needed some cost effective branding that my customers could go to so they could book corporate events and see my updated lunch menus. I got that and more! Pat Murphy and his team helped me accomplish a big part of my marketing goals and I thank them for this.

  • Mrs. Letlet

    We have a very healthy Facebook and Twitter following but I felt the need to get a more “established” type of branding. Linkage offered me a dynamic site that would be easy for my staff members to promote and update. Since getting my website, my ratings have been higher than ever and I have better communication with my followers. Linkage provides a very highly recommended service!

  • Josephine Marfa

    We cater to many foreign clients that expect the best quality service when they visit us. It was crucial for us to have a website that represented our brand the right way and that offered and easy way for our clientele to book online. In a little over 3 weeks time we had exactly what we wanted, two thumbs up for Brian and his team!

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