5 Ways to Breathe New Life to Your Business Blog

August 19, 2020 Fiona Quinn
how to breathe new life to your business blog

One thing that is inevitable in the online world is change. Information online has gone from merely sharing photos to simple updates about what’s on your mind. These eventually turned into full-blown blog sites and then vlogs for personal and business use. Since then, users and business owners alike have used these to further gain influence and earn a profit—and the competition just keeps getting more challenging.

With many, most especially tech-savvy people. maximizing the use of videos and other means to catch consumers’ attention, blogs have just become a thing of the past, or so it seems.

How do you breathe new life to your business blog even during these times when the competition gets tough?

Breathe New Life to Your Business Blog

If change is inevitable as we’ve established, one fact remains about having a business blog. It’s still a powerful means to reach and engage your target audience. While it may seem to be an old technique, research by Content Marketing shows that blogs are one of the top content types marketers or businesses use to build brand awareness.

All it takes is for you to have fresh techniques on how to make your blog more interesting for your audience. That means transforming it into content that isn’t all about promotion, but more of a storytelling experience they can relate to. Here’s how.

1. Highlight your brand’s deeper purpose

The first thing you can do to breathe new life to your business blog is to highlight your brand’s deeper purpose. Instead of talking about your products, talk about how you are relevant to the community. You could highlight the company ideals, values, or your efforts related to giving back or even talk about how you contribute to sustainability and inclusivity.

By doing this, you create awareness about your brand—products and profit in mind—but in a way that lets clients know that you aren’t just about what comes in, but also what you do for the community.

2. Highlight what is valuable to readers, feature user-generated content

The next thing you could do is to highlight what is valuable to your readers. This could be practical or instructional content that offers tips or advice that can be useful to them. It could also be something that they can easily relate to. Meaning, one they could actually see themselves in as they read.

Another way to do this is to feature user-generated content. These could be photos, videos, or reviews made by members of your community that actually show authenticity from your clients themselves. For example, you could ask members to submit a photo of them with a product you have and feature them in one blog. That way, the business blog doesn’t just become about your product, but really about your users and your community.

3. Highlight in-depth content

When you think of content, you’d think the shorter the better. People have no time to sit down and read a lengthy piece. But according to Orbit Media, research shows that more in-depth content or stories may be more effective even if it takes more time to do and more time to read. If written well and with the right graphics of photos to go with the lengthy, more in-depth piece, you reach out to passionate readers who constantly visit your site because of your content.

4. Highlight visuals that go with your blog

With in-depth content comes high-quality visuals. This adds to the total experience your readers will keep coming back to. If chosen well, these photos could even tell a story on its own. Choosing a featured image, for example, is crucial in itself. If it isn’t really that emotionally appealing or it doesn’t have the highest quality, then readers would most likely let it pass through their feed. Realize that highlighting visuals in your blog is as important as your brand. That way, you become extra careful in choosing them.

5. Highlight a social-friendly experience

Basically, it all boils down to the total experience your business blog offers your audience. Social media is there for you to share relatable, fun, interesting, and helpful information. Do you have that kind of content?

A blogging trend is incorporating different multimedia formats. These include podcast episodes, video collections, image galleries, or even audio playlists. It also includes the use of relevant hashtags that create a whole new world for people online. These things increase your chances of getting your story out there and being shared on social media.

So the next time you create content, remember these five things. Five easy ways to breathe new life to your business blog. It’s not just about you, it’s about how relevant you are to the community and your audience.

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