Skills You Should Have to Enter the Digital Marketing Industry This 2019

February 11, 2019 Linkage Interns
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Think you got what it takes to make it in the Digital Marketing Industry? Consider yourself lucky because you are currently basking in the glory of the digital age! That’s right; as the world moves forward, so does opportunities. It may be hardly ever heard of compared to the conventional routes of marketing, but you’d be surprised how companies lean more towards tech-savvy skills with doses of people skills and creativity.

According to studies from LinkedIn pulled up by Brian Peters’ Buffer podcast, part of the ten most in-demand hard skills that companies are currently looking for is digital marketing, in which two places above it is Social Media Marketing—a specific field within digital marketing. UX Design, video production, and animation also made the list. Sitting on top of the list is Cloud Computing, which is an advantage for every tech-oriented professional out there. And of course, People Management is always going to be an asset to any company.

Here’s the full list of the ten most in-demand hard skills companies are looking for:

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. People Management
  4. UX Design
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Video Production
  7. Data Science
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Animation
  10. Digital Marketing

But hey, one doesn’t have to be an expert in Cloud Computing or check every skill off the list to enter this field. Hard skills are skills that are teachable, which means if you’ve got the hustle to make through training, then it shouldn’t post much of a problem.

When it comes to Digital Marketing as a whole, you’re going to need some of the top five most in-demand soft skills:

  1. Creativity
  2. Persuasion
  3. Collaboration
  4. Adaptability
  5. Time Management

Soft skills like creativity and persuasion are skills that cannot be taught. This field needs you to have an imagination wide enough to see the bigger picture and excellent people skills, whether it’s working for or with others. It requires people to be well-versed in the art of storytelling and can take or mix ideas to create a cohesive outcome. And as the old saying goes, time is gold, so it’s a significant advantage to know how to spend it wisely.

Still think Digital Marketing is the right fit for you? Don’t let anything stop you from dipping your toe into this growing industry. Whether you’re fresh out of college or simply willing to venture out to a new line of work, go for it! Because with Digital Marketing, the possibilities are skyfold.

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