The Growth of Online Advertising

October 27, 2017 Crystal Mateo

With so many new advertising trends surfacing each month, it is quite difficult to know which one would be best. The rise in the use of mobile technology has led digital advertising to continue ruling in all fields than compared to traditional media. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Marketing has always played an influential role for every business. And today, your target market is mostly online. Marketers are now concentrating more and more on connecting with people online, and it’s working out pretty well for them and their customers.

The digital marketplace has placed a lot of power into the hands of consumers and buyers, forcing many marketers today to get a bit more creative, more productive, and more helpful. Consumers have now jumped from channel to channel, with the majority of those who use digital channels. Today, an average consumer usually does a research first on a particular product, service, information, and a company before even making a purchase. This is where digital technology plays its part. It gives marketers a wide range of new tools, allowing them to be more strategic and focused. Digital advertising simply makes sense if you really want to get your message, promotion or campaign in front of your target audience. If you think that spending money on online advertisements is just a big waste of money and time, then you are missing out on all the benefits that online advertising can offer. While online advertisements differ from business to business depending on its size, location, service or product, there are of course several things you should know about.


Targeted and Measurable

Online advertising provides a great targeting method for businesses to reach its potential customers. Businesses can now target consumer based on their demographic profile, devices, search terms and much more. With this targeted approach, it will ensure that the adverts focus on the correct type of audience, therefore the budget is spent wisely. Online advertising comes in various forms like retargeting, which enables businesses to re-target specific customers who have visited their website with the ads placed on other online websites. Online advertisements can be measured to a specific level, allowing businesses to understand exactly who is buying their products or services, and what terms they had searched for to come across the adverts. Being able to measure results so closely and target so specifically means that online marketing will often be at a greater advantage than traditional advertising.

Flexible and Active

With consumers now actively seeking products and services online using their desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices, online advertising has created the perfect way for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for. With that said, businesses have already reached out to potential customers and is able to make more money. Online advertising is also a tremendous two-way interaction, with consumers actively clicking and searching, traditional advertising is more of a one way where you pay for the advert and hope that you reach the right audience. With customers spending a lot of time online, social media plays a significant role. Consumers will like or follow a specific brand or sign up to a particular newsletter, which lets them have a direct communication with your business, giving your business the advantage. This information is entirely necessary to marketers, and that is why social media accounts have become viable advertising tools for a lot of companies.

Wide Reach

The online world has a broad reach than compared to traditional marketing, where it allows advertisers to promote to millions of potential customers. Having such an extensive geographical range, you may be thinking that businesses would be missing out on local customers. However, that is not entirely true. The targeting methods seen through online advertising channels have allowed a precise geographical targeting that is designed to target local customers alike specifically. Unlike traditional media where it’s the reach is only limited to what people can see. The online marketing has definitely no space restrictions and has long been considered the most powerful thing that online advertising has done to the industry.

Quick Conversions

With online advertising, customers can more than often purchase your product or service anytime and anywhere they want, meaning there is no delayed decision making during the whole process. The advert will have been targeted based on what the consumers have searched for or their particular needs and interests. This means that the conversion rate will be higher. Traditional advertising method will often be pushed directly in front of the consumer. Because of this, there is a possibility that the customer may forget to take action, get preoccupied or be utterly disinterested in taking further action, leading to a loss of sale and customer.



Traditional advertising often follows the method of attaching your product or service advert to something the potential customer will get like magazines, brochures, newspaper, and hoping that they may be interested in buying your product or service. With this method, you are actually paying for a number of people who will buy that material. Nowadays, there are many forms of online marketing. Pay per click advertising is widely available now, meaning that marketers only pay once the consumer browses the product being sold or visits the website, based on an informed decision. The marketer can set a specific budget based on certain requirements and choose from a variety of pricing strategies that make online advertising an excellent marketing tool. Using online advertising is often a great alternative than traditional advertising, and can be a much more cost-effective solution for your business.

Should I Invest in Online Advertising?

There are actually many forms of traditional advertising methods which will continue to take effect. However, it is essential to have a holistic approach when it comes to marketing, combining online and traditional advertising to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. With the new age of advertising, consumers are now looking for information through the use of digital materials. But let’s not forget the importance of using word of mouth marketing and in advertising terms, social media advertising. Without a doubt, a business without an online presence is often considered unreliable and untrustworthy. It is therefore important to make your business visible online and provide all the relevant information such as location, contact info, products or services offered.

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