Instagram Stories 101: Curating The Perfect Story

April 10, 2018 Linkage Interns

Instagram improved so much after its launch in 2010. Since then, the social media application grew to be one of the most-used apps worldwide. One of its significant upgrades is the Instagram Stories. Although fans of rival social media app Snapchat alleged Instagram of ripping off the feature, Instagram still earned a lot of its users to switch to Instagram for the feature. Here are some ways for you to make your Insta Stories more creative.

1. The perfect story happens at night.

What about the night? If you want more viewers on your Instagram stories, upload those moments at night. The thing about uploading at night is that the post gets carried over to the next day. This means that people using the app in the morning gets to see those stories first thing on their timeline. If not, the people can still view it throughout the day. The catch here is that you should upload at least another post mid-day. This technique activates your icon and puts it back to the first line of the list on top of the users’ timelines.

2. Maximize its capabilities

Instagram Stories tried to keep up with its rival Snapchat. This means that whatever Snapchat has, Instagram has it too. From geotags to stickers, Instagram has a lot of little trinkets you can choose from. But what works the best is the pen tool. It does not only allow you to write on your photos, but it also brings out the artist in you. You can draw on the images and make paintings with it.

3. Keep it short but sweet

The trouble with Instagram users is that they put too many stories. You should remember that not all your viewers have the most reliable internet connection. So your posts may or may not load at all. This risks your viewership. The tendency is that your followers will skip right to the next person in line. Another issue you could encounter is the attention span that your users have. Instagram is a quick solution for temporary downtime. If your followers see that you have a long story, they will skip to the next person as well.

4. Tell a great Instagram Story

Like books, a great story should be first told on a great cover. Think it through whenever you’re picking among the photos the first one to go up the line. The first photo is the first thing your followers will see. It is crucial to their decision whether they’ll continue looking at your story or not. Your stories could either start with a great selfie or a photo that has a note on it. In this way, your followers will know if they’re in for a treat or not. The final thing to remember is the variation. Your stories may be in a theme. But a singular subject usually does not work. If it’s all your selfies, people will think you’re narcissistic. If it’s all sceneries without you in it, they’ll think it’s not your account. Balance is your keyword.

5. See it for yourself

Since you’re a user yourself, check your stories out. In this way, you could assess if your stories are worth the watch or not. Critique your Instagram Story to how it fits your liking. Consider its ability to attract viewers to stay. A good Instagram Story begins with a good lead and ends with a bang too. Ask yourself whether your stories excite you or not. Because after all, the customer is always right. — Christian Apostol, SLU

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