How LinkedIn Can Influence Your Digital Marketing

June 19, 2017 Super User

With almost everyone having a digital profile, social networks become the perfect platform when it comes to influencing a large number of audience. Twitter and Facebook are one of the most popular social media giants with numerous active users. Because of this, businesses tend to advertise on networks like these as part of their digital marketing strategy.

But unlike the usual social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, there’s a specific social networking service that stands out. LinkedIn caters to a more professional audience and in terms of purpose, can bring employees and companies together.

The Power Of LinkedIn

Instead of being an outlet for selfies or being a feed for the latest trends, LinkedIn offers a different digital atmosphere. It’s not your usual social media site as it merges social interaction with work related purposes. As of April 2017, It has a growing number of 500 million users. For businesses, that’s a pretty attractive number. Opportunities are endless for digital marketing with an audience of this reach.

Companies can use LinkedIn as a medium for employee recruitment. User profiles on it show past job experiences and education. So it’s convenient for both users and companies that are searching. Other benefits for businesses on LinkedIn include brand promotion, networking, and digital marketing to an already professional audience. Not to forget that the professional audience at hand is massive.

Digital Marketing Through LinkedIn

A business oriented page like LinkedIn offers tons of advantages for businesses when it comes to digital marketing, the reach itself is one. Aside from the millions of users, LinkedIn also has a geographical reach to 200 countries. Adding to that diversity is its availability in 24 languages. Imagine your brand being spread to these extremes, only just through LinkedIn.

This is why LinkedIn serves as a great medium for businesses since interactions are not only sociable but also professional. Engaging in brand promotion on Linkedin is easier as it’s already towards a targeted working class audience. Also, businesses can grow their networks through LinkedIn too. Large networks are extremely beneficial, and with LinkedIn’s feed algorithm, your updates are shared with your network. This helps increase connectivity and traffic to your profile.

Advantages of Company Profiles

Aside from being a medium for digital selling and recruitment, LinkedIn also allows companies to create a company profile on their site that’s good for multiple purposes. These profiles can be used for bringing the company into the spotlight. Promoting the company and services on a global scale, this is one common purpose of company profiles.

But these profiles can also be used to connect and interact with other companies on LinkedIn as a professional medium. Aside from making connections, the profiles are also useful for checking on competitors and their latest updates.

High Search Engine Ranks

Expanding your business’ digital reach within LinkedIn is certainly effective, but your reach is also heightened when it comes to search engines. When it comes to LinkedIn profiles, they usually appear on the top of the list of the search engine results page. With additional search engine optimization techniques added to your company profile, getting more traffic on your site can be easily attained.

More traffic means more people are viewing your site or profile, and this creates the perfect company exposure. Backlinking is an effective way of maximizing use of content that helps with search engine optimization.

Deliver Content Through Emails

To get more people interested in what you and brand have to offer, LinkedIn has an email marketing list. It allows users to message up to 50 users asking to be part of the list so that way your company content is delivered directly to them. Sending out a message to people about what’s in it for them if they engage with your brand can work wonders. Persuasion is the first step for them to cater to the action.

When users do agree to be part of the email marketing list, you can send out not only content but also advertisements and requests they can benefit from.

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