10 Ways Local SEO Helps Small Business Gain Customers & Sales

October 7, 2021 Kaye Leah Sitchon
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90% of online activity begins with search engines. The problem is 75% of businesses don’t go beyond the first page, which means companies miss out on generating sales. But thanks to local SEO, businesses have a silver lining. 

Since almost 50% of all Google searches are local, you can reach your nearby customers and draw them to your store or site via local SEO. When you invest in professional local SEO services, your business will experience a significant increase in web traffic, leads, and sales. We put together ten ways local SEO helps small businesses gain more.


10 Ways Local SEO Benefits Small Businesses

#1 Attracts and Connects with Local Customers

It becomes easier to find people who are interested in your product or service. Your business can quickly appear in searches with an excellent local SEO strategy when someone looks for your products or services. What’s great is you don’t have to push people to buy what you offer. The only thing you need to do is show the information they need from you online. 

You’ll be more of a guide in your customer’s journey toward a sale. Whenever someone searches for your product or service, your website will appear each time. Then, customers will click on your site to read your content and ultimately make a purchase.

#2 Boosts your Brand

Before your brand becomes familiar, you need to build awareness. It takes an average of about five to seven tries before people become fully aware of your brand. Local SEO helps your business do this. Through consistency and repetition, your brand will appear in front of consumers.


#3 Generate More Traffic

With local SEO, you’ll appear in relevant searches on search engines. Once people read your content description, they’ll see that you offer something they need. Naturally, consumers will click the link to your website. As a result, you generate fresh and relevant website traffic—something Google loves. 

Google boosts websites that give consumers the information they need. So, as you generate traffic, Google takes notice and will continue to increase your ranking. Remember, a higher ranking puts you in front of more potential customers and more traffic to your site.


#4 Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy 


Local SEO helps you save on your marketing strategy. Why? For one, it’s free to create listings on platforms like Google My Business or Facebook, Google My Business, and more. You can also reach a wider audience easily at a significantly lower cost than running ads in print media or radio and tv commercials.


#5 Helps Grow a Local Following 

Another part of local SEO is social media. Local SEO helps you engage with the local audience and keeps you connected through news, trends, and local events. If you engage with your local audience, you’ll create a good following in due time. This also means you’ll be promoting your brand almost naturally across social media platforms. The online community you build around your product or service will be something that people will find essential. 

#6 Increases Visibility to Mobile Users

Did you know that mobile devices can influence localized sales? People who run searches on their mobile phones will most likely visit or call a business within the next 24 hours. This only means that visits convert into sales. Localized SEO does this for you by ensuring that your business is more visible to mobile users. You’ll generate more leads and sales in the process.

#7 Improves Conversion Rates 

Local SEO improves the conversion rates of your business because SEO brings in relevant traffic. Since people are already interested in your product and service, the opportunity for sales increases—helping you achieve a better conversion rate. 

Local SEO also improves your cost-per-acquisition. It boosts your lead generation efforts. When people click on a link to your site and find the answers they need, they might just decide to shop from you. This can also generate email subscribers who see the need for your content regularly. The point is, you’ll keep generating more leads and sales.

#8 Gives a Competitive Advantage 

In a saturated market, your business should find its competitive advantage. Local SEO can help you stay competitive. When consumers notice your top-of-page ranking, they’ll think you’re a big name in the industry, and you won’t be perceived as a small business. You’ll establish credibility, gain new customers, and set your business up for success when this happens. Having a proper local SEO strategy will help you attain a sustainable competitive advantage. 

#9  Streamlines Qualified Search Traffic 

Local SEO will help your business weed out searchers who are not likely to contact you or buy your product or service. What you need to grow your business involves search engines providing relevant local results based on proximity and intent. You’d rather have someone five miles away to visit you rather than someone who is 100 miles away.

#10 Gets People on Google Maps 

Most people look for the location of a local business via Google Maps. Having a local SEO strategy will help you get on the map. This way, people will be able to reach you a lot easier. The moment they click on your listing, they’ll get directions to your store and turn your visitors into paying customers. 

Get Your Business on the Map with Local SEO

If you want to build leads and land sales, nothing beats local SEO. Done right, local SEO sets your business up for long-term success and growth.


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