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October 2, 2018 Linkage Interns

Content is your brand’s lifeline. A sufficient amount of quality content is what anchors, hooks, and steers the attention, trust, and loyalty of your intended audience. Without it, there is no brand. But, even in a week’s time, creating a sufficient amount of content to keep your brand active and to increase your chances of being seen by more potential customers seems like a daunting task. The difficulty seemingly increases with the thought of all the social media outlets you have to cater to.


Some brands pour tremendous amounts of effort and time on creating different content for each platform, and it’s not all terrible. However, you can use that time and energy in catering to your brand’s other needs as well. Luckily, VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchukhas shared the efficient method he uses to maximize the use of his content and how to distribute it all over various media platforms. Here are some tips to take note of:

Invest in one lengthy or extensive piece of content

Within a week or month, invest a good amount of your time and effort in a couple of lengthy or extensive pieces of content. These would go on your main platforms. And these will be the source contents where you can pull off micro-content like sections, quotations, and mini videos that you can repurpose for different media platforms. For example, you can repurpose one long video of a talk about your brand into clips, GIFS, pictures, articles, and even memes.

Design each of your Micro Content to a specific media platform

Having source content makes this part a lot easier because you don’t have to create separate and different content for each media platform your brand is on. You simply have to make your micro-content fit the design of the platform. You could also design it to the theme, or aesthetic your brand is going for on a certain media platform. As you distribute all these custom content, make sure that you link them back to the original source. Hook your audience with a taste and lead them to the buffet.

Listen to Audience Feedback

Reading or listening to audience feedback keeps the cycle of brand content creation consistent. Pay attention to the comments and weed out helpful audience input. Or better yet, make a consistent format or community for your audience to follow if they want to share their thoughts about your content. This way, you would also know what your audience appreciates and what they do care less about. It gives you a clear map for your future content creation and new opportunities for your brand to seize.

Transform Audience Feedback Into New Content

Take your audience’s insights and harvest new content from it. Take the parts or pieces of content they liked best and create one whole new material. It can be a source content or another piece of micro-content that you can distribute. This way, the cycle for your brand’s content creation and distribution goes on consistently without you having to strain yourself in thinking of fresh things to talk about.

Content Creation Never Stops

Just because a few source content a month or week can strike up a lavish cycle of content, it doesn’t mean you can hang back and relax. Unique, innovative, and fresh content is always better to spread your brand’s reach and to solidify your brand’s image. It’s this style of content creation that keeps your audiences interested and loyal to your brand. So keep creating and keep the cycle going and watch your brand evolve. — Liezel Stephanie Lawagan, SLU

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