Mobile Advertising Is The New Global Trend

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It’s not hard to see the signs– almost every person you see has a mobile device there somewhere. And if it’s not obvious enough, this is THE next thing advertisers will have to befriend since it’s the fastest and most efficient way to reach end users of this age. KCPB predicts that Internet Ad revenues would surpass TV Advertising this 2017. And if you think diving into Online marketing head on is enough, it isn’t. Mobile Advertising is something you should take into consideration. Why should I engage in Mobile Advertising, you ask?

What and Why I need to know about Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising has leveled up the past years because of the rise of smartphones. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because a report by ITU states that mobile-broadband subscriptions is expected to reach 3.6 billion by the end of 2016. That huge number doesn’t even include other devices. In a report by Emarketer, it seems as if people are losing interest with other media. Because mobile usage is done more often than listening to the radio or reading print.

In fact, smartphones beat desktops when it comes to web traffic. Smartphones eat up more than half of the world’s web traffic with 51%. Meanwhile, desktops use 42% of it. Naturally, most of the online searches are done with mobile devices. Imagine all the right SEO moves in line with this fact.  Your strategy will be infallible.

Today, Mobile Internet Advertising accounts for one-third of all Internet advertising spent. Although it sounds like a threat to the ordinary Desktop, there won’t be any elimination on either. A desktop is a preferred device when it comes to going into details of online shopping. Apparently, most American consumers shop online with a desktop.

Most of your customers are on mobile devices. And if you don’t have a website that adapts to phone viewing, then you may lose some customers. Beware of neglecting your mobile consumers because Google says that 61% don’t return to a website when they have trouble accessing it.

Now, a smart entrepreneur wouldn’t want to miss out on the consumption fest happening inside these little gadgets, would he?

Consumption Statistics that will tell you, you need Mobile ads

Videos are a great way to market a product. What’s better than a creative demonstration? It’s one of the hit advertising strategies that Social media channels like Facebook and Snapchat use.

According to a report by Smart Insights, Facebook daily videos reached eight billion views per day in 2016. Meanwhile, Snapchat bits reached ten billion– users spending half an hour per day for that. As a result, Snapchat gained an estimate of six hundred million in ad revenue in 2016.

If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at the number of customers who use mobile devices versus desktop among others. In a separate report by Smart Insights, countries like Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Sweden and Spain, they have more smartphones than other devices in their household.

In America, they spend 30 minutes more time on mobile devices than they do on a computer. In China, which doesn’t earn profit from Social Media networks because of political reasons, they still make revenue with mobile devices. Just recently, China’s ad revenue increased to 18% thanks to mobile apps for weather and sports.

Even in developing countries such as India, and the like, mobile devices are much cheaper than PC’s. Thus, most of them access the internet through their phones. Here, the growing number of mobile users have reached 400 million.

Smartphones outweigh desktops in terms of convenience. Statistics by eMailmonday states that by year 2018, 8 out of 10 users will likely read their emails ‘exclusively’ from their mobile devices. All thanks to its ease of use. These mobile devices are carried everywhere, can contain anything, can define to you everything– just fish it from your pockets and the whole world is within your reach. Internet advertising with special focus on mobile advertising is a surefire way that will launch your market into greater heights.

Tools like Social Media Networks, Search Engine Optimization, E-mail advertising and content-sharing are methods of Mobile Advertising that were made for you to gain from. Speaking of content-sharing, marketers of B2B have shared that 83 % of mobile apps are important to content marketing. They’ve expressed that it helps immensely in bringing in results.

In conclusion, you can assume great results with Mobile Advertising. Your users aren’t just online. They’re online on their smartphones. Numbers have proven that this is something you can invest in, and where you can win.

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