Facebook Ads

Perfect for businesses that have up to a ₱82,500/mo ad spend.

Facebook Ads

Perfect for businesses that have up to a ₱82,500/mo ad spend.

Professional FB Campaign Set-Up, Account Management, Monthly Reporting — For Ad spend up to $82,500/mo. 

Our Bronze Package is ideal for businesses looking to spend anywhere from ₱55,000 - ₱82,500 a month on Facebook Ads. This is a great way to start a brand new campaign, especially if you have a new Facebook pixel. This is a done-for-you service. You'll never have to think about another ad creative or performance on a campaign; leave that to us!  IG is included!

Who Is This Package For?

  • Any marketer looking to advertise their client on Facebook Ads & Instagram, and wants high-volume, high-quality traffic — and looking to spend between $1,000 - $1,500 monthly in adspend.
  • Any marketer looking to improve an existing campaign.
  • Any Agency owner that wants minimum involvement in the setup and maintenance of their Facebook Ad campaigns.

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Facebook Pixel Creation & Installation
Custom Conversions Setup
Interest-Based Targeting Selection
Audience Research & Interest-Based Targeting Selection
Image Ads244
New Image Ads Every Month233
Video Ads124
New Video Ad Every Month113
Campaign Selection
Audience Testing & Optimization
Creation of New Adsets for Scaling
Pausing of Ads with Low-Quality Metrics
Setup of automated rules to help scale winning campaigns
Real-Time Dashboard for Tracking Results
White-Label Monthly Reporting
2 Rounds of Revisions On Ads
Ad Spend₱82,500.00/mo₱192,500.00/mo₱330,000.00/mo₱550,000.00
$ 25 Per Extra Image Creative + Ad Copy
$ 100 Per Extra Video Creative + Ad Copy
Delivery Time10 Days15 Days20 DaysCall-in
Get StartedSelectSelectSelectCall-in

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the setup time?

The setup time for our Bronze package is 10 days from receipt of your onboarding document.

Do you need access to my website or my client’s website?

Yes, we need access to your website or your client’s website so we can install the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking codes.
We need Username and Password plus Login Link to admin backend.

What type of Facebook access do you need?

We need access to 3 things: Facebook Ad Account, Facebook Business Page and Facebook Pixel. Click here to get instructions through email.

Do I need to have a Google Analytics account?

Yes, it’s important we also track results on Google. Google reports other metrics that Facebook doesn’t. Plus it allows us a lot more flexibility to track specific conversions. Click here to get instructions through email.

How many ads do I get with this package? 

For the campaign setup: 4 image ads & 2 video ads.
Ongoing Monthly: 3 image ads & 1 video ad.

What Placement are these ads optimized for? 

All Placements

How do I get revisions?

This package comes with up to 2 rounds of revisions so that you can rest assure satisfaction is the ONLY result.

What does your approval process look like?

After you pay for this service and complete the onboarding document, we will start designing your new Facebook ad creatives. All design files are sent to you for your approval via email before zipping them up and sending you the RAWs. If you require any changes during our approval process, we can take care of them immediately and send you the revised copies. Your PM (Project Manager), will work with you to get approval.

What Industries do you work with?

We’ve literally worked on hundreds and hundreds of different campaign types. We’ve had a lot of success in some, and in others, we’ve had our challenges. It all comes down to having an offer that a hard to turn down. Some of the industries we’ve worked with are real estate, agency space, solar, coaching, eCommerce, adult sites, CBD sites, general lead generation offers, event promotions, and more.

How does your white-labeled reporting work?

We send you your first white-labeled marketing report several days before your first 30-day cycle.  This marketing report does not contain our branding; it contains only your client’s branding and your agency’s branding.

What does your onboarding document look like?

– Click here to access the onboarding document to this service.
Only submit this document after the package is ordered.


Delivery: 10 Days

₱21,725/moCompare Packages


Delivery: 15 Days

₱38,225/moCompare Packages


Delivery: 30 Days

₱54,725/moCompare Packages


Delivery: 30 Days

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