Sales Landing Page ClickFunnels

Get a 100% white-labeled Clickfunnels funnel We build it for you. Great for collecting lead information and orders!

Sales Landing Page ClickFunnels

Get a 100% white-labeled Clickfunnels funnel We build it for you. Great for collecting lead information and orders!

High-Converting Landing Pages Built-in ClickFunnels. If your agency runs on Clickfunnels, then we'll handle your funnel builds!

If you're a Brunson fan and an old-school funnel hacker, you know all about ClickFunnels and how reliable and user-friendly their funnel builder is. We can help design, write and build your ClickFunnels funnels! Keep focused on bringing in the business and outsource your builds to a reputable funnel-hacking team!  Our service costs ₱27,500 per custom landing page and ₱5,500 per additional page. We'll involve a graphic design, developer, copywriter, automation specialist, and project manager in a typical landing page build.  

Who Is This Package For?

  • Any marketer looking to run a lead generation campaign for a client. 
  • Any marketer that needs a pay funnel that works with Stripe. 
  • Any business owner that needs to promote a specific product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the setup time?

The average setup time is 2 weeks from the time you submit our onboarding documents.

How do you capture form information?

All of our forms are built using ClickFunnels.  If you have specific form information you need to collect, please discuss it directly with your project manager.

Can you build checkout pages?

Yes, we can build checkout pages. Your ClickFunnels account needs to be connected to either Stripe or PayPal. We will need access to your ClickFunnels account if you would like us to set up the funnel in there for you.  Likewise, if you would simply like the share funnel, we can provide that as well.

Do you need access to my website or my client’s website or domain?

– If your client has an existing domain name connected to Clickfunnels. We’ll connect our landing page to the domain you have set up inside of Clickfunnels for this client. E.g., To do this, we’ll need access to your ClickFunnels account (Login Link, Username, and Password).
– If you don’t have anything set up for your client yet, but your agency operates on ClickFunnels, please connect your client’s domain name to ClickFunnels before our build.

What type of access do you need from me?

– ClickFunnels Account Access (please share username and password).
– Domain Name Access (if you have not set up your ClickFunnels DNS CNAME record yet)

How many pages do I get in this package?

Our base package is ₱27,500 for a single landing page. This includes design, copy, and custom ClickFunnels themeing.  If you require more pages, it is an additional ₱5,500 per page over our base package price.

What appointment booking software is this package compatible with?

If you use third-party appointment booking software like Calendly, Blitzen Calendars, Google Calendar, etc, we can easily integrate with all of them. Please specify this information in our onboarding document.

Can you email me everything you need from my client?

Sure, click on this link to get the instructions sent to you.

What does your approval process look like?

After you pay for this service and complete the onboarding document, we will start designing the initial landing page blueprint. We send you a link to our prototype staging site to see what the landing page design looks like. If you require any changes during our approval process, we can take care of them immediately and send you the revised copies. Your PM (Project Manager) will work with you to get approval. Once the design is approved, we commence the development process, typically taking 5-7 days after the design is approved.

How do I get revisions?

This package comes with up to 2 rounds of revisions during the initial design stage and another 2 rounds of revisions to the staging website.

What does your onboarding document look like?

– Click here to access the onboarding document to this service.
– Only submit this document after the package is ordered.


  • Single Page Layout
  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing page Development (Clickfunnels)
  • Content Creation
  • Email Capture Form
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Plus ₱8,250 per Website Page