5 Principles To Learn From Jeff Bullas On Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is often misunderstood by entrepreneurs who want things fast-paced. Paid ads get ‘faster’ results, after all. This common misconception leads to a lot of missed steps to building the pillars of your marketing success. Thankfully, Jeff Bullas has shared his wisdom in operating marketing strategies in the Digital world.

Ideas to understand before building your Key Pillars

According to Jeff Bullas, there are a few ideas that need understanding. Ultimately, these will serve as factors that will guide your strategies to the right application. For instance, he has mentioned the phenomenon: ‘the democratization of publishing and democratization of marketing.’ This means the process of making both publishing and marketing available for everyone.

What this means is that what you want to say, what you want to happen, is in your hands. You have the power to send out messages without the need of an outside source—one who might even miss the mark you want to hit.

Another idea is something he calls as ‘the intersection of humanity and technology.’ He states that this collision is ‘humanizing’ the social web. And true enough, it is. Social interaction done online opened the doors to a new marketing approach– a new trend.

New Trend Emerging

In Jeff Bullas’ speech, he reminds entrepreneurs that people today, are careful speculators of products. It doesn’t matter what it is. It’s about what it can do for them. Never forget that ‘marketing is 75 % education.’ It’s all about the first steps of grabbing a sale: Attention, Interest, Desire. Leave the Action for later, just ensure that your strategy has these three marks checked– and you’re good to go!

Power of Persistence

‘The power of persistence is one of the key success elements of digital marketing.’ If there’s one value you need to uphold, it’s persistence. As mentioned, it’s a lot easier to pay for things to get it done. But we forget that we may fall victim to unoriginality. The goal is to stand out, break from the convention but to stay rooted on relevance.

Tenacity equals creative, stand-out results. Never underestimate the power of persistence!

Data is Everything

‘Data is everything’ says Jeff. Practicing ‘data collaboration’ is a technique that will pull your marketing strategy from the rubble. Data Collaboration refers to the uniformed message continuously sent out by your brand image. In whatever method of sending it out, it’s vital to deliver big volumes of the consistent idea that will represent your image. As our lecturer has mentioned, ‘your influence is getting measured by big data.’

Content Marketing and Cost-Effectivity

Most importantly, Jeff sends out two adjectives every marketer needs: ‘Seductive’ and ‘Interesting.’ Content marketing is bait to your customers. This is the best way to deliver what you want them to know about you, how you want them to understand you. Remember that all digital marketing projects done leave Digital footprints– your customers will want to see these if they’re interested.

Digital footprints are your tracks on the internet. These are searchable, re-shareable, and essentially eternal. Be careful of what you want to send out, of what you want to promote, because do it wrong and it will go viral. Do it right, and the same thing happens– except on a positive note of course.

Jeff also reiterates the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and constant activity on your Social Media accounts. Maintenance of both are practically free, but are performed with average pacing. Nonetheless, the power of persistence tells us that it may be a little dragging, but it will build your online presence on a solid surface. There’s no questioning that– just make sure your content is A plus.

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