Flood Your Business With 30-350 “Red Hot” Leads Each and Every Month With Facebook Ads

45 Million Filipinos are logged on to Facebook each and every month! Don’t miss out on taping into this huge market of “proven buyers” who are ready to buy your products and services!

Take Your Business Where Your Buyers Are

In 2020 the amount of Facebook users in the Philippines has reached 45.4 million active users, up from 42.6 in 2018. As you’ve probably noticed Facebook isn’t just for socializing anymore. Millions of pesos are exchanged every day. Question is, are you ready to claim your business? Here’s how we start you off:

Facebook pixel creation & installation

Custom conversion setup

Audience Research & interest based targeting selection

Image Ads + New Image Ads every month

Campaign selection based on your goals (Conversions, Leads, Messages, Purchase or Engagement)

Video Ads + New Video Ads every month


We Make Your Facebook Ads Profitable

Facebook offers extreme flexibility when running ads, which allows marketers to zero in on your ideal prospects for optimum results. Not only will we run your ads we will also study the data on a daily and weekly basis to provide you with higher conversions while at the same time lowering your cost.

Audience testing & optimization

Creation of new Ad sets for Scaling

Pausing of Ads with low-quality metrics

Setup of automated rules to help scale winning campaigns

Complete Transparency

When you advertise you should know where your money is going and what’s working and what’s not working. We keep you updated every step of thew way.

Real-Time Dashboard Metrics

Monthly Reports


Our Customers Love our Data-Driven Results

Whether it’s Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or email marketing people notice how we perform.

  • Mark Vincent Daing

    Linkage Web Development built the company website several months ago. It was a pleasant experience and much easier than I thought! Their support staff is world class and the few concerns that I had we're answered promptly and professionally. Two thumbs up all the way!

  • Olivia Balajadia

    Earlier this year I started getting more well known in my area and I needed some cost effective branding that my customers could go to so they could book corporate events and see my updated lunch menus. I got that and more! Pat Murphy and his team helped me accomplish a big part of my marketing goals and I thank them for this.

  • Mrs. Letlet

    We have a very healthy Facebook and Twitter following but I felt the need to get a more “established” type of branding. Linkage offered me a dynamic site that would be easy for my staff members to promote and update. Since getting my website, my ratings have been higher than ever and I have better communication with my followers. Linkage provides a very highly recommended service!

  • Josephine Marfa

    We cater to many foreign clients that expect the best quality service when they visit us. It was crucial for us to have a website that represented our brand the right way and that offered and easy way for our clientele to book online. In a little over 3 weeks time we had exactly what we wanted, two thumbs up for Brian and his team!

Learn How We Generate Massive Sales for Our Clients Using Facebook Sponsored Ads!


Learn how we made over


on our First Month!

“We’re averaging a 26x return on our re-marketing campaigns!”

Shoppiness was launched on May 15, 2018. We launched Shoppiness.ph with the goal of providing trending products that are hard to find or acquire in the Philippines. Our goal is to provide a community where users can shop and at the same time earn “power points” with every purchase. These points accumulate rather quickly - then they can be sent on new products. Some of these value points can even be earned by simply creating accounts, sharing on Facebook, liking our Facebook, when it’s your birthday - amount other creatives way. Creating a brand is not about selling a ton of product, it’s about creating a unique and memorable experience for your customer.

Our first 30 days in business, we identified several winning products that could advertise more heavily. Because we were limited in the amount of capital we had to invest in ads, we decided to select products that have a great perceived value and higher ticket to maximize profits. In the first 30 days we’ve generated over P700,000 on a single medium-ticket product and now we have an angle to double and perhaps triple this amount within the next 30-45 days.

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