What’s the Best Type of Social Media Content for Businesses?

July 14, 2021 Daniel Rivera
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Social media is undeniably an excellent tool for businesses. It completely changed the way businesses interact with customers. Further reach allows businesses to promote their products and services to more people. However, reaching more people does not automatically mean that they would become customers. You must convince them to become patrons. Knowing the best type of social media content to use ensures that you actually do convince your buyers and that you aren’t wasting resources, either.

Content is the lifeline of your social media marketing strategy. It shapes your brand and is your primary medium for communicating and fostering good relationships with new and longtime customers. The best content that you need to use would largely depend on understanding your target audience. Still, here we give you five types of social media content marketers found most valuable to them.

5 Best Social Media Content Types for Business

Sprout Social Index Indicates that ninety-three percent of marketers agreed that social media tightened competition in their various industries last year alone. Here are five social media content types that will help you leave a good, lasting impression on followers, turning followers into read-to-pay customers.

3,2,1, and Rolling!

Regardless of your goals in a campaign, using videos will surely help boost your social media content strategy. The demand for video content is on the rise, and for a good reason. Users are more likely to understand your product or service when you present it to them through videos. Video content also increases website traffic that generally translates into more sales.

Popular platforms may have video features, but that doesn’t mean that you have to upload videos on them all the time. The ol’ reliable YouTube is one of the best places to post video content. On Facebook, users are twice as likely to share video posts. Instagram and Twitter posts with video content gain more engagement than a post with an image or a text-only tweet. Also, Instagram has features that bank on video content like IGTV and Instagram Reels that gained popularity alongside entire platforms specializing in video like TikTok.

Going Live

Live streaming has become quite popular, especially because of the pandemic. Events, seminars, discussions, and performances are now easily done online thanks to this feature. Instead of having your followers wait for your response if they comment on a post or message you, live videos enable them to interact with you in real-time. This is especially important for people looking for a sense of community when we are all physically separated from each other.

All social media platforms that have the live streaming feature enable recording of the live video. You could use the recorded live video and repurpose them into new content, too.

Take a look at this

Images send messages faster than a lot of words could. Also, they are pretty widely used on various social media platforms. The way these images are crafted—whether they are graphics or photographs—gives your followers a good impression of what your brand is all about. Users prefer to have things instantly, and that’s what images can do for them.

Another good reason behind using images is the availability of cameras and editing software on mobile phones. Anyone with a smartphone can try their shot at being a photographer and publish their photos if they like. On the business end, your social media marketing team can take advantage of user-generated content (UGC) that your brand’s patrons can contribute. UGC adds both a different visual element and an emotional element to your brand.

Instagram and Pinterest are the best places to use visually appealing photos. Instagram is all about pictures and aesthetics. Frequently publishing good images on these platforms helps keep your brand’s competitiveness. Pinterest may not be the place where users usually choose to follow a brand, but they use the platform in search of new ideas, including future purchases. An eye-catching photo or graphic about your product or service may find its way to them.

Tap, Pause, Tap

Stories are one of the best features that have found their way across various platforms—the reason behind this being its efficacy in boosting engagement. Also, its features are highly interactive. You’ve got filters, stickers, and more engaging elements like polls and questions, making it the best tool to reach out to followers. They are also timely because they are only viewable for a limited time, usually 24 hours.

Snapchat was first to release this feature, but a few others have followed suit, namely Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Still, Instagram has the top spot. Replies on Instagram and Facebook Stories go straight to your account’s DMs, especially useful for one-on-one interactions with your followers.

Hmmm, interesting caption…

Visual content has a heck of a pull on users, but that doesn’t mean that text content should be sidelined. Words are powerful, and when used cleverly and on the right platform, words mean the difference, especially when crafting your brand’s tone and voice. Anders Hjorth, a Digital Marketing Strategist, maintains that text posts are most common on social media, so make sure not to neglect this.

Users like to follow brand accounts and pages because they have posts that enable them to learn more about the products or services offered by the brand. Keeping themselves on what happens within the company is also essential to them. A brand that understands and delivers what its customers like would be their likely pick when pitted against a competitor.

Consider pairing excellent video and content with the appropriate caption. You can’t just share a link and expect users to open it if you don’t add a nice kicker. Hashtags, a notable text feature, increases the dynamism of your posts. Primarily text-based platforms, like Twitter, is the best place to make good messages with compelling calls to action paired with the right hashtags.

The best type of social media content for businesses ultimately depends on your target audience and the platform you use to reach out to them. To get the best results in your social media campaign, share the content that your customers want on the most appropriate platform.

Make social media content that yields the best returns and makes you stand out from your competitors!

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