Key Social Media Growth Techniques You Need To Know

January 19, 2021 Daniel Rivera
Twitter, a social media platform where online discourse happens on the daily

The online world is almost inseparable from the real world. Especially at this point, we use online resources and platforms extensively. Along with the change in technology is the speed of how these technologies evolve. It is important for anyone who conducts business online to know and understand these new tools and to use them to their advantage. Social media is one of the most used and most efficient ways of promoting a brand or cause, and here’s how you can do it right.

Have a Strategy

To keep yourself and your team from exhausting themselves pointlessly, create a social media strategy. Know your target audience. It is essential to know their interests and what catches their attention. Knowing where to reach out to them is the next step. One social media platform doesn’t work the same way as the other, so the approach for each platform should vary. There are features that make one distinguishable from the other; the same features that you can use to your advantage. With that in mind, plan what kind of content you want to create.

Engaging Content

It is not enough to keep posting on a regular basis. You have to be sure that your followers actually read and interact with your posts. It’s quite easy for your social media profile to feel static. Variety is key to keeping engagement in your page or profile. Organic reaches mean that your page does well and that your followers interact with your page regularly. Some of the best ways to keep your followers engaged include using visuals, uploading videos, and holding contests.

Giving your page a sense of humor and humanity helps it be more relatable to its followers. Memes, captioned images, or videos that people find amusing, are some of the easiest and most relatable ways to get your followers to engage in your posts. Do remember to keep memes related to the message your brand is trying to send. Sharing memes for the sake of sharing them may confuse your followers regardless of how many likes the post gets.

Social media is also the realm of viral content. The best examples of this are how memes spread like wildfire on whatever platform. Using viral content to market your business relies on users to make and spread the message of your product or service for you. Memes resonate with people hence their shareability. Humor isn’t the only thing that could help you go viral though. Talking about serious matters and social issues work too – if done right.

Active Social Media Presence

Followers value responsiveness. Responding to them as fast as you can is crucial, especially since most users expect you to respond at least within the day. Social media users appreciate it when your page interacts with them. Even the platforms themselves see this and added features like Facebook pages’ Top Fan Badges. Respond to their queries, react and reply to their comments, and thank users who regularly interact with your posts.

Make jokes and interact with your followers as if they are your friends. Brands that come off as robots are usually ignored and even avoided. Take a look at the fast-food chain Wendy’s Twitter profile, for example.

Showing the more human side of your company helps in forming connections. An Instagram post of your team chilling in the office or having a day to relax would work wonders.


Hashtags are an important tool, especially on Instagram. They help your account be found by users. The best way to use this feature is to use them strategically. Popular hashtags relevant to your audience are useful in both targeting and reaching them. On Twitter, hashtags work in a similar way. However, the best approach is to see what’s trending and to participate in the trend. Tweeting about a trending hashtag increases the likelihood of people looking through that hashtag to see your post. Your tweet might lead them to your profile and they could give you a follow, too.

Social Advertisements

Spending on social advertisements is a good way to gain exposure and grow your audience. Paid social advertisements help you reach new people, promote your content, and increase the likelihood of people avail of your product or service. Facebook Ads Manager, for instance, is a useful tool in precise audience targeting: focusing on ‘warm’ audiences – users who visit your page, website, subscribed to your mailing list, fans, and followers.

The way to social media growth is to build an active online community made up of your target audience, users that actively engage with your content, share it with their networks, and eventually, become paying customers. With all that said, how is your social media campaign going, based on these tips?

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