How To Start An eCommerce/Online Business From Scratch

June 21, 2018 Linkage Interns

The digital world never stops evolving. As time passes, we learn to cope up with these shifts in terms of technological feats and convenience brought by the many things one can do online. That said, eCommerce has seen a considerable amount of growth and prominence over the years. So if you’re thinking of engaging in an online business, here are some steps to help jumpstart your eCommerce future.

The Perfect Product

Carefully acknowledge the public demand for what the wants and needs are when it comes to picking what to sell online. Giving them the idea of the necessity of your product gives them an initial thought that they must have it right away. If you supply your target market with what they want and need, it’s a good jumpstart into launching an award-winning product.

Online Visibility

Make an online website where you can display your products. There are a lot of sites which you can start your eCommerce business; some begin on social media before they could save up for building a website of their own. Supply product information (such are prices, quantity available, style options, and product description). Nowadays, people are careful with what they are buying online since they cannot touch and examine the product they want to buy, so it is a must that you put a comment box below the product description for people to post their review for quality control on their behalf.

Sales Monitoring

In the back end of your social media business page or website, check the status of your sales often. Review as to what products are being reviewed regularly and check what products aren’t given attention. This method will help you declutter your platform into a cleaner and healthier store for buyers. After all, nobody wants to go into a messy room full of clutter.


There are a lot of ways on how to ship products from one end of the region to the farthest. Tie up with shipping companies and talk reasonable rates with them depending on the size of the product and the distance it would travel to. This thinking will not only expand your market area but will also help you build customer appreciation. You’d also have to make sure that they will indeed deliver your products promptly. Because most of the time, buyers will be disappointed if the product doesn’t come during the expected date. Even though you did everything to make the packaging and other elements look presentable if the courier fails to deliver on time, you’re both on the losing end. — Charles Jacob Gonzales, UC

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