Stay On Top Of Your Social Media Mentions With These 5 Tools

January 24, 2019 Linkage Interns
Stay On Top Of Your Social Media Mentions With These 5 Tools

For brands, social media is no longer an ordinary street. It’s a freaking multi-lane highway! Because gone are the days when social media was merely there. Now, it’s a ceaseless pool of information that brands could use to grow, develop, or change.

Keeping up with your social media mentions could help you get to know how your customers currently feel about your brand and respond accordingly. But sometimes, simply scouring the social media or the web doesn’t cut it. There are better ways to weed out and monitor the essential social media mentions for your brand. And here are five of those tools that would make your life a lot easier.

1. Awario

A crucial step to establishing any business is understanding your customers. And one way of doing this is by listening. Tuning in to customer conversations through social media mentions helps you quickly identify your customer’s needs and frustrations.

Awario helps you keep up with all the online conversations about your brand. You would be able to see everything people are saying about your brand all over the world. This app filters out the noise and pushes the most important conversations to the top so you could respond fast and improve or change your marketing tactics.

Awario also helps you know which platforms give you the most brand mentions. And it also lets you geographically track where your most active customers on social media are and what languages they speak. The app also keeps track of your mention statistics where you can see how well your brand is performing in mentions and reach.

2. Agorapulse

How you respond to your customers is a game changer on their perception of your brand. The better your customer service is, the more customers you retain or invite. And keeping track of your social media mentions could do just the trick for you to up the standard of your customer service.

Agorapulse allows you to keep track of up to 10 profiles. And it also keeps track of consumer conversations about your brand but, it also helps you consider present factors that can help improve your response. You could look at your customer’s profiles and read up on past conversations you’ve had with them if there is. With this context, you can formulate a proper response to their need. Aside from that, you could also flag down issues at its early stages and keep it from growing bigger and more destructive.

3. Mention

Brand advocates are a godsend. They get the word out. They uplift your brand. And they build trust and credibility in your brand for all the world to witness. Having a few on your corner would absolutely be a boost for your brand.

To help you find these people, you can try out Mention. Among its many features is the “Influencer Marketing” which can help you discover influencers speaking for your brand and boosting your marketing efforts. One powerful voice could already do wonders. Just imagine a handful more.

Under the Influencers tab, you could find a list of new influencers talking about your brand. The dashboard provides you a list based on your campaign goal and budget. And you could sort them according to their influencer score. Or you could also search up a particular influencer you’re looking to form a partnership with. In both cases, striking a conversation starts with one click.

4. Talkwalker Alerts

When you’re managing a brand, never let your guards down. Trouble can easily start anywhere anytime. That’s why monitoring social media mentions are not only for getting better. It’s also for keeping your brand safe from any threats that might pull you down crashing. So, it’s better to start early and prepare for the worst rather than just starting once the crisis is already at your doorstep.

With Talkwalker Alerts, you can keep track of any mention coming your way from blogs, forums, social media channels, or any other website. In the alert setup box of the app, you can customize the frequency of alert notifications, choose which platforms to search for mentions, and select the kind of results you want to see. After creating the alert, the app notifies you immediately of any mentions right away.

Remember that in social media, it only takes one mistake for the world to turn on you. Social media mentions can help you see the red flag before anyone could and help you deal with the situation before it gets out of hand.

5. Brand24

Can you imagine a life without competition? It’s kinda hard to do considering how our world is thriving on it. And besides, it’s one of the greatest resources to really push your brand forward. The key is to know what and how to use it properly.

With Brand24, you can keep a better eye on your competitors rather than just plain old social media stalking. After entering your competitor keywords on the apps search tab, Brand24 gives you an easy to understand compilation of competitor data. This includes interactions and sentiment analysis across platforms. And you’ll also be able to access their statistics in regards to their reach, comments, top commenters, and shares.

By keeping up with your competition’s social media mentions, you can see where you stand against them. Through their data, you can take inspiration from what they’re doing right, take notes on what they’re doing wrong, and grab ideas from the gaps they haven’t filled. Use the data you have properly and you’ll be boosting your brand in no time.

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