5 Ways to Breathe New Life to Your Business Blog

how to breathe new life to your business blog

One thing that is inevitable in the online world is change. Information online has gone from merely sharing photos to simple updates about what’s on your mind. These eventually turned into full-blown blog sites and then vlogs for personal and business use. Since then, users and business owners alike have used these to further gain…

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Best Practices for Starting a Blog In 2018

From having a journal-esque purpose, blogs have exponentially grown to become pillar supports to most industries and a prominent headliner of online culture. As of 2018, there are already 426 million blog accounts in Tumblr alone around the world according to Statista. Just imagine how much more there is in all other parts of the web.

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Killer Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed


Publishing a blog and getting it noticed is every blogger’s dream. There’s nothing more stressful, more dream-crushing than creating a blog that you know is really good, but no one actually knows about it. You put every possible strategy that you can get your hands on, you create your best quality content, you promote your…

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