Using Social Listening to Power Up Your Brand Marketing

Man performing social listening research on a laptop in an urban office

It’s no secret that social media is the ultimate tool for brand marketing. Everyone’s made the jump to it and has been using it rather extensively. Convenience, audience reach, flexibility, you name it—there are so many reasons for you to have social media in your bag of tricks. However, knowing what strategies to employ is…

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How to Plan Your Social Media Content & Execute It Cleanly

an editor planning out social media content

Content is key to your social media campaign. Each platform favors different types of content, and the best ones resonate with people because of how they appeal to your target audience. However, you might be thinking that creating social media content is an intimidating task to take on. Social media content creation does indeed take…

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What’s the Best Type of Social Media Content for Businesses?

a social media content creator on their phone during a video shoot break

Social media is undeniably an excellent tool for businesses. It completely changed customer interactions. Further reach allows brands to promote their products and services to more people. However, reaching more people does not automatically mean that they would become customers. You must convince them to become patrons. Knowing the best type of social media content…

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