Setting Up Your Launchpad to Business Success

June 19, 2019 David Rivera
Setting Up the Launchpad to Business Success

Business has never bloomed like this if you looked back 20 years ago. There’s this old concept for people then where the scenario in an office set up is well-played out in their head—they’re all in their suit and ties or fancy corporate dresses working at a 9 to 5 desk. That was the dream. This still happens, though, but it’s not the dream anymore.

Now, most people want to crush it and be their own bosses. Say this out loud years ago, and you’d get weird looks from your parents or even your superiors. We’re at the cusp of various technological breakthroughs and impressive sales and business models that it has become easier for anyone to run a business and earn some money at home.

Despite this comfort and ease, simply owning a business won’t cut it anymore. You’d have to fight off millions of competitors online and come up with a brand identity so iconic that you’d raise Steve Jobs from the dead so he can congratulate you.

So let’s say you want to start or own a business. You’ve got your capital, your partner/s, and everything planned out for a great business year. How do you pick up from there? This is where the right perspective and mindset comes into play. Without these, you’d be left with a poorly-executed business and dwindling income. Screw positivity, what we have for you are practical mindset tips that could help you launch your business to where it should be.


It’s convenient to blame someone else for everything that goes wrong in a new business. It’s bound to encounter pitfalls along the way, especially with its early stages of launching, but it’s also sadly common to think of someone else other than yourself as the reason for hitting a speedbump. Pointing fingers at someone is usually the automatic response to this situation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Starting a business means putting yourself at risk too. You’re giving it your all, and so you have to own up to what you started. Never blame people or situations when it doesn’t go your way. Know that it’s your responsibility to steer its track.

By being accountable for everything that happens, you’d have a mindset that would help you think of solutions for minor and major hiccups that your business would encounter.


Smart people tend to learn fast. But sometimes, this trait doesn’t work well with a business that’s just learning to navigate its way through the competition. Naturally, you’d want to look for tips on how you’d go about marketing campaigns and branding tactics to get you where you need to be. However, most people that you read online only care about the fake inspiration of giving you a compelling headline and not much content.

That’s when your research and intuition gears should kick in. Most motivational bloggers/vloggers would tell you to “get out there and post content every day” or “stop wasting time and creat stuff.” These are good, but do they ever really practice what they do? So instead of just posting content every day, figure out how you can blast out meaningful and engaging content that would point your audience towards you.

They say you should only make short Facebook videos for an ad. Maybe you can go ahead and create a 10-minute video explaining what you do and what your business aims to provide its customers? Not every campaign has to hit the “metrics” that most tips would say. Learn to go against the system and experiment on ways that you can get your business to be heard, no matter how out of bounds it seems to be.

It’s good to be inspired—but it’s better to act and practice from that inspiration too.


Branding is a crucial thing when it comes to starting a business. It’s your face and the overall “feel” that people will get from you. It’s often overlooked, however. Sure, we come up with hip names and slogans for our businesses, but would it really work in the long run? A good name is only as good as its long-term vision.

It’s easy to get caught up with the rush of starting the business and creating awareness for your brand. Sometimes, when the overwhelming amount of probability for what you created takes over, you’d most likely lose sight of where you need to be and what your bottom line as a business is.

Take Snapchat for example. It had potential so massive that it led Facebook and Instagram to copy the platform’s main features. Snapchat got lost in its success that it fell behind the two social media giants. It had the power to leverage what they had, but instead, they lost sight of it and never figured out how it can be better than the others.

Establish yourself well enough to know where you should be a couple of years from now. By having this kind of foresight, you’ll be laser-focused on your business’ direction and identity. Never lose sight of it—even in the midst of tremendous (premature) success.

That’s it. Three practical, no-bullshit ways for you to get into the right business mindset. Always remember though, that you have people like us to help you get there. I’ll save you the overly-gratifying sales talk and tell you this—let’s work together and create something that will last.

It’s worth a shot.

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